Monday, July 21, 2014

The first night at the Cold Spring Harbor

After dinner with NIH folks, I moved my luggages from cabin to 'Hopper House' A beautiful New England style 2 story house. As i open the door, a small bedroom by the water appeared. It is all that I could dream for. Sun was setting. There were people by the deck. Swans appeared and were cruising on the water.

The night was young. I went out to check out the bar. On the path there were fireflies everywhere. Oh what a pleasant summer evening! I found some people at the lawn by the bar. I was a bit scared to join but people were so friendly. I was able to make jokes comparing against the other course, the yeast course that start at the same time as ours. I also hang out with the only eukayotic person there who is in fact from HMS.

It is a fine start. Lots of anticipation. So much unknown still about the program. But will be unfolded by tomorrow morning.